Don't Hate me Cause I'm a Moron...(Was USR Sportster problem)

1. Don't Buy USR Sportsters

In preparation for setting up a dedicated PPP connection for my Linux box,
I've just completed an evaluation of the the two leading 28.8 modems: The
US Robotics Sportster and the Zoom V.34 (both externals). The USR is going
back, while the Zoom is staying in service.

Why? Because the USR requires that its DTR line be cycled before it will
respond to commands. Init strings are echoed back - you can see the LED's
(both receive and transmit) flashing - but nothing happens after a fresh
powerup until the DTR line is cycled. Thereafter it works fine.

USR's CompuServe forum is full of complaints about "Connects on second
try" problems. This is the DTR cycling problem, and USR's response is that
it must be an IRQ or I/O addressing conflict. Strange... the Zoom modem
works perfectly when it's plugged into the same cable, and I didn't know
you could use the DTR line to resolve IRQ conflicts! <grin>

Just thought I'd add this to the

Richard L. Hartman
Spokane WA USA

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