Trident TGUI9400DGI Chip support

Trident TGUI9400DGI Chip support

Post by C:WINSOCKKA9QSPOOLMAI » Mon, 02 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have recently installed Linux on my P60 system - I still have a few
problems with the X installation.

A friend of mine has a similar system and his X windows runs a lot
faster (he has a different chip set).

Has anyone out there got a config file that works well with the 9400DGI

I would be most appreciative if there was one around that I could use




1. Support for Trident TGUI9680igx chip.

Is there any future plans for SVGA support of the Trident TGUI9680igx
chipset in the near future?  Seems that's what shipped with my new
Aptiva.  VGA-16 is driving me batty :-)

- Pat

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= Consultant, UCS AT&T |==========================================|


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