Dlink DE-528CT Linux Driver

Dlink DE-528CT Linux Driver

Post by Dwaine Garde » Mon, 07 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Redhat v6.0 config/setup program detected the DLink DE-528ct card as a
NE2000 card.    From what I have read about the drivers, the
card/drivers are garbage.
What is the better driver that is supposed to be used.    Which chipset
does this card have?

                        a)  RealTek 8029 chip                      or
                        b)   RealTek 8139 chip

Also what about the driver via-rhine.c?   I have complied the source,
but it does not come up from the drop down list in the kernel Daemon
Configuration when you are setting up the card.  How do you get a new
module to show up in the list?



1. DLINK DE-528CT Driver in linux

Dear all,

I'm having trouble getting my D-Link linux driver for the above card to work
under Redhat 6.0 (kernel 2.2.5).  The driver was written for Linux kernel
version 1.2.xx.  How do I update the driver?

I actually got the driver to compile and everything, but I can't use the

Has anyone had the same problem?

 Noah Lively

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