"usb-storage" and "ub" modules with usb floppy drive and usb flash key

"usb-storage" and "ub" modules with usb floppy drive and usb flash key

Post by heavytul » Fri, 09 Jun 2006 05:44:21

I built my kernel ( with "usb-storage" and "ub" drivers as
when I plug in a usb flash key, the modules "ub" and "usb-storage" are
loaded, I can check it with lsmod.
The drivers node the key to uba1, so I can mount it. when i unplug the
key (after unmouted it) the node uba1 disappears and everything is
fine. I can plug or unplug the key whenever I want it works fine.

I got a usb floppy drive not long time back, when plugged in, the
"usb-storage" module is loaded and the driver nodes the drive to sdb
(sda is my sata hard drive) I can mount it and unmount it, it works

everything fine until I then plug in the usb flash key. the "ub" module
is loaded, but the node uba1 is not created. I tried to see whether the
driver didn't node it with sdc, and right it did. but when i mount it
an error message appears:
mount: you must specify the filesystem type
which I never have to usually
so i tried to mount the key specifying the fs type with -t vfat, but i
get this following error:
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc,
       missing codepage or other error
       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
       dmesg | tail  or so


VFS: Can't find a valid FAT filesystem on dev sdc.
usb-storage: queuecommand called
usb-storage: *** thread awakened.
usb-storage: Command TEST_UNIT_READY (6 bytes)
usb-storage:  00 00 00 00 00 00
usb-storage: Bulk Command S 0x43425355 T 0x19 L 0 F 0 Trg 0 LUN 0 CL 6
usb-storage: usb_stor_bulk_transfer_buf: xfer 31 bytes
usb-storage: Status code 0; transferred 31/31
usb-storage: -- transfer complete
usb-storage: Bulk command transfer result=0
usb-storage: Attempting to get CSW...
usb-storage: usb_stor_bulk_transfer_buf: xfer 13 bytes
usb-storage: Status code 0; transferred 13/13
usb-storage: -- transfer complete
usb-storage: Bulk status result = 0
usb-storage: Bulk Status S 0x53425355 T 0x19 R 0 Stat 0x0
usb-storage: scsi cmd done, result=0x0
usb-storage: *** thread sleeping.

so i can't mount sdc
i then unloaded both "ubs-storage" and "ub" modules and reloaded them
in this following order:
 loading "ub" takes a while
sometimes "ub" is enough to create the node uba1
with "usb-storage" loaded both floppy and flash key work fine (not

i've heard that "usb-storage" is enough to use both floppy and usb
flash key