Sparc Linux on RDI BriteLite?

Sparc Linux on RDI BriteLite?

Post by Jim Bru » Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Is anyone running Linux on the RDI BriteLite IPX (Sun IPX in a portable
case)? The main problem I have is the lack of a driver for the Vigra VS10
display card that is used to drive the LCD display. Does anyone have or
know of a driver for this card?




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1. Problems running X with NetBSD 1.5 on RDI (Sparc)

I'm not sure, if my problem is on-topic in this newsgroup.

I installed NetBSD 1.5 for Sparc on a RDI Britelite portable Computer.
The computer has two graphic devices, a cgRDI for the built-in LCD
screen and a cg6 for an external monitor plug. The installation went
quite well but when i'm starting X, it uses the external cg6 device
instead of the internal cgRDI device. How can i change this?


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