How to check the presence of 8251/uPD71051 uart ?

How to check the presence of 8251/uPD71051 uart ?

Post by Mano » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 17:33:47

Hi all,

I am modifying serial.c for my uPD71051 UART.Now trying to make
autoconfig() successful.

But how to check the existence of uPD71051?

I have with me,OKI semicondutors data sheet,which is too less for
programming the chip in the beginner level

Any programming manual for uPD71051 or 8251 UART
Does any one have a patch of serial.c for 8251..

Any helps?



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        My question is how much code size it takes to implement
        TCP/IP with minimum functionality ( I mean like a terminal server )
        on an embedded system with serial interface ?

        I need only tftp with either udp or tcp. The system is not running
        Unix ( as I said it is embedded ).

        Is there anyone who have implemented TCP/IP for 8251 based emebedded
        system ?

        Thanks in advance.

Uday Naik                        HONDA CIVIC                      (408)-944-5049
AMDAHL Corporation               HONDA Interceptor 500VF

CA 94088

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