Question: Redefining drive size safely?

Question: Redefining drive size safely?

Post by R. Kolt » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 16:47:15

Greetings all and my appologies with entering discussions with a question...

I've got a simple linux system.  One 520 meg drive, split up into
/dev/hda1  180 megs   mounted on /
/dev/hda2  120 megs   mounted on /usr/games
/dev/hda3  180 megs   mounted on /home

++ 16 megs in a swap partition.

My problem: Obviously 120 megs in /usr/games is waaaayy too much space.
I didn't know it at the time.  What I'd LIKE TO DO is the following:

/dev/hda2  40 megs   /usr/games
/dev/hda4  70 megs   /root

(I keep a lot of backups in /root, so the seperate drive would be good).

I would like to do this without damaging existing data... but I'm at
a loss of how to do so.  I can move the data in /usr/games/* and
/root/* to /dev/hda3 during the changeover, but even then, I'm
not sure how to resize the drive (never had to do so before...).

Any help would be appreciated.


Chaos is.  Unless it isn't at the moment.


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