diamond rio 300 not working under RH 7.3 & RH 8

diamond rio 300 not working under RH 7.3 & RH 8

Post by P » Wed, 26 Feb 2003 02:24:57

Yes I know the Rio 300 is way outdated, but I'm hoping someone here
has dealt with this issue before and knows how to fix it.

I'm trying to use my Diamond Rio 300 mp3 player on a RH 8 pc with an
ECS K7S5a mb and an Athlon XP 1600 cpu.  I can connect to the player
using the rio program from the Snowblind Alliance
(http://www.world.co.uk/sba/), but there are random gaps in the mp3
files that are uploaded.  Using win 98 on the same machine I can add
songs to the rio without any problems.  Has anyone else gotten this
program to work with the k7s5a motherboard?



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