aic 7890 and aic 7860

aic 7890 and aic 7860

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Where can I find  linux drivers for scsi adaptec AIC-7890 and AIC-7860 ?

aic 7890 and aic 7860

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Quote:> Where can I find  linux drivers for scsi adaptec AIC-7890 and AIC-7860 ?

> I Allready did a post for this one. Here's the last posting;

C'T Magazine ( best magazine in the world) dutch edition tested
the adaptec 2930 card and found out that Adaptec has assigned a new Device
ID to the 2930 -> 0011h. The 2940U2W has Device ID -> 0010h. That's why the
drivermodule aic7XXX can't recognise the card altough they use the same
controller (AIC-7890AB) and Bridge (AIC-3860).
C'T DID test the card. They used a patch in
Then just recompile the aic7XXX module and it uses the 2930 as it were an
2940. Easy huh! Now... As I stated before I'm a Linux newbie and don't know
X11 from an X-file(sorta) and I don't know how to "just recompile the
AIC7XXX module". Just bought Linux for Dummies and I will find out I

Hope someone who has a few more braincells can use this information <<ALL
FROM C'T MAGAZINE>> and perhaps can tell me HowTO.



1. AIC 7890 & 7860 On-board SCSI Controllers

Linux Slackware 3.4
Kernel 2.0.30


I have been looking at the Dell Poweredge 2300 with a view to
installing Linux. The PC has two on-board SCSI controllers - AIC 7890
and AIC 7860.

Are these controllers supported under Linux, and will Linux handle two
SCSI controllers in one PC ?

I am also considering a second processor in the Dell. Any problems ?

I would very much appreciate any helpful comments about these issues
or any other matter relating to the Dell Poweredge 2300.

Kind regards,

Paul Ainscough

( I have successfully installed Linux on a Dell Poweredge 2200 and
could use one of these if the 2300 is unsupported at present )

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