Media Magic ISP-16 Sound Card

Media Magic ISP-16 Sound Card

Post by Jeff Reg » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Hi there all... I have a Media Magic ISP-16 sound card/cdrom interface
card in my PC and it does not have permanent memory for its memory
address etc... at boot up in DOS, a program called ISPinit is called and
it tells the card 'put the sound card here on this IRQ, DRQ and address',
and the same for the CDRom portion of the card.  I talked to the tech
support department about how the card is configured and was basically
told to get lost.. they have NO Intentions of telling me how to configure
the card, and have NO plans to Support 'a minor operating system' such as

Ok, so I told them I wanted a call back from their manager, and never got

So...  has anyone managed to write a driver to start up the card in
Linux?  I can boot into DOS and back into Linux and that works as long as
I do a soft boot, but then my DE-600 network card does not initialize (it
never has... it always likes a hard reboot between operating systems)...
I have also tried the Dos emulator but ISPinit can't find the card
then... (I suspect I have to tell DOSemu to pass the address..if I knew
what address it used to talk to the card!).

Do I s*the card, write an ugly letter to the company, or ???


- Jeff Regan -------------------------------------------



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