REQ: Help identifying memory board and modem

REQ: Help identifying memory board and modem

Post by Mark Walk » Tue, 27 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Have exhausted all internet resources that I know of.  Memory board is
Intel, designated 7979 R1 on board, sticker on end shows JA001815M74.
Unit has 8 30-pin simm (?) sockets, currently 6 are populated.  Other
question about this is, does it matter which slot I use for a memory
card.  Currently have 4 MB in a PS/2 Model 80 used as a linux box.

Modem shows no brand name, has "TM42560U9 ASSY 3236" on the board and
"20832370001" on the end sticker.

TIA for any and all help.


REQ: Help identifying memory board and modem

Post by Peter H. Wend » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi !

Goto my MCA-page (URL below) and download QBMCA from its page.
Extract it as described and install the cards in any MCA-machine.
Then boot with the QBMCA-disk.
After a while Card-IDs and -most likely- manufacturer and card purpose
is displayed.

For ADFs check my ADF-download pages then with the card-IDs.

Very friendly greetings from Peter in Germany


1. HELP! needed identifying ethernet board needed

Hi All,

A customer of mine has an AT&T 6386 WGS UNIX Box.  He wants to add TCP/IP to
the box, so he purchased the WIN TCP/IP from AT&T.  This package is now
installed, but the customers SMC ethernet board does not seem to be the one
required by the software.  

The documentation references an AT&T StarLan NI board, and a StarLan NP600A
board.  These look like Racal-Datacomm boards that were OEMed by AT&T.  I would
like to get some verification on which ethernet boards my customer needs to
purchase.  I will try talking to AT&T and R-D today, but AT&T has a great game
of 800-it's-not-my-department phone tag.  I spend over an hour on hold
yesterday with AT&T as employee after employee gave me 800 number after 800
number.  No one was able to answer my question.  When I finally got to a
support line where they thought they could help I was told I would be called
back.  No time was given for the call back, and it did not come.

Please help me identify the board I need to buy.


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