FYI: "patchified" drivers for Linux 2.4 for Marvell and Areca hardware

FYI: "patchified" drivers for Linux 2.4 for Marvell and Areca hardware

Post by Frantisek Rysan » Wed, 04 May 2005 14:40:46

Dear everyone,

a while ago, in the process of updating my rescue CD,
I've converted drivers for Marvell and Areca hardware
into patches agains Linux 2.4.
The conversion was surprisingly easy, no actual code
modifications were necessary, expcept for maybe two
tiny bugfixes to the Areca driver (unrelated to the
internalized building process).

The Areca driver was provided by the manufacturer,
who has also kindly helped me with some marginal
The Marvell driver is a version downloaded from Abit,
though I've tested it on SuperMicro motherboards.

Both these two drivers are completely open source
(no closed-source library compiled in).

Being too lazy to write dedicated web pages, I've linked
them to the following page of mine - the download links to
the respective tarballs are listed among the references
at the bottom of the page:

I hope this helps someone

Frank Rysanek


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I think I recently posted my problem with not being able to telnet to one
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is set to "con80x25" also.


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