Logitech Mouseman and the Third Button

Logitech Mouseman and the Third Button

Post by C. M. Phillip » Tue, 28 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Im not a newbie at linux, but boy do I feel like one now...

        I recently ditched my ever failing MouseSystems mouse for one of those
nify ergonomic Logitech Mice.  I have tried everything under the sun it
seems to get the middle button to work.  I've set the protocol as
MouseMan under X, I've set the protocol as Microsoft under X, Ive
twiddled with chordmiddle and a slew of other variables to no avail.  I
have also tried to get the middle button working at the console with
svga.conf, also to no avail.

        I'm running RedHat 5.0 and the mouse in question is a new Logitech
MouseMan, the one with the fourth thumb button as opposed the the
MouseMan+ which has that silly wheel.  Any and all help would be
appreciated!  Please reply personally as well as to the newsgroup.  Just
remove the *no spam* from the reply address.



1. Using Logitech 3 button mouse, as a Logitech 3 button mouse.

Subject says it all,  after weeks of pain, grief, frustration, hating
everybody who kept telling me that Logitech mice work fine with 0.96bp2.
I finally got my Logitech Mouseman (3 buttons) to work.  Simply by
uncommenting the line in Xconfig for a Microsoft mouse. (Thank you whoever
posted this little snippet of advice, if only I had known).  However, I have
a 3 BUTTON mouse and would really like to use it as such.  Does anybody have
a Mouseman working with 3 buttons.  Please, please tell me if you do.

Thanks (I hope) in advance,


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