Boca IO650 registers?

Boca IO650 registers?

Post by Ugly Bo » Mon, 27 Jan 2003 22:21:50

Does anyone, anywhere, have any info on this beast (before I spend an
afternoon with the DVM ohming out traces and trying to figure it out). The
16650's are no problem, it's the control register(s) for kicking the clock
up to 460Kb I'm after (so I can hack serial.c and make it work with my ISDN
TA and LEAF router).



1. BOCA I/O650 (aka BOCA Turbo 650) 16C650 Serial Board

This ISA board, the BOCA I/O650 (aka BOCA Turbo 650), is equipped with
two 16C650 UARTs each supporting a maximum speed of 460Kbps. For low
speeds ( <= 115Kbps) it is a drop in replacement for the standard
"COM1" and "COM2" ports. However, to operate at speeds greater that
115Kbps one has to write some (currently unknown) bit pattern to the
boards "Clock Set" I/O Addresses.

          |  I/O Address  |
Jumpers   |  COM1 | COM2  |
setting 1 |  2C0  |  2C8  |
setting 2 |  2D0  |  2D8  |
setting 3 |  3C0  |  3C8  |

"Drivers" are provided with the board for Win 3.1 / 95 to do this. I am
looking for a equivelent piece of software for Linux (RedHat 6.1). Or
at worst, what the bit patterns are for what speeds and how to write to
those I/O addresses using Linux.

Please response by email. I will summarize to the net.

Steve Engle

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