HELP: Qlogic PCI!BASIC and Linux -> scsi: 0 hosts

HELP: Qlogic PCI!BASIC and Linux -> scsi: 0 hosts

Post by Robert Si » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I just recently purchased a Qlogic PCI SCSI!BASIC card and installed
it on my P5-90 system (Intel PCI/Premiere II mb w/ Neptune chipset).

Along with the SCSI host adaptor, I purchased a HP DAT drive.  On boot
up I get the standard Qlogic boot up message (bios 1.10) and the listing of
devices found.  In DOS and Win 95, the devices are found, and are completely
accessible and work very well, absolutely no problem whatsoever.

My configuration is as follows: P5-90, Intel Premiere PCI/II (neptune)
motherboard.  I have my BIOS configured to allow the ICU to auto-configure
the PCI devices, which places the Qlogic adaptor on IRQ 11 at boot up.
32 megs of memory, SB AWE/32, a Mach 64 Graphics Pro turbo (PCI) and 3
ide hard drives spanned across ide controllers 0/1.  I also have a Panasonic
CD ROM (which is run off the SB) which uses compiled SBPCD support.

All works well minus the detection of the SCSI host.

I have tried compiling under kernels 1.2.9(elf), 1.3.25(elf), 1.3.30(elf) all
with SCSI support, SCSI tape support and SCSI generic support.  I use the
GCC 2.7.0/ELF compiler as well.

I have even go so far as to remove all other boards in the as possible to
see if there is some conflict that only Linux has a problem with to no

If anyone can give me some advice, I would appreciate it to the below address:


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Is there a boot disk or some trick that will allow me
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PCI Qlogic SCSI Basic  card

-Thanks in advance

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