Anybody using a DW Printer?

Anybody using a DW Printer?

Post by Norman Bashi » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have an old Diablo630-compatible daisy wheel printer that I'd like to
use with my Linux box.  I've hooked it up, and tried using lpr to print
after adding an entry for the printer in the printcap file -- nothing
happened.  So, I have to write an output filter for the printer -- the
only thing is, does anyone know what special control characters I need to
send to the printer to get it to print?

BTW, if anyone knows of any printer utilities for Linux for printing to a
Diablo-compatible daisy wheel printer, I'd appreciate a line about that
as well.

Thanks, folks.

Stormin' Norman


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Has anyone done any work on USB drivers for the Olympus DW-90/DW-360
digital audio recorders?  The USB subsystem on Linux can see them just
fine, it just doesn't know what to do with them.  Google searches have
come up with nothing so far.

Wouldn't be the end of the world, but it'd be nice if I could transfer
the samples to my Linux machine directly without having to use a Windows
machine as an intermediary first.



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