#9FX Motion 531 VLB and XFree86

#9FX Motion 531 VLB and XFree86

Post by kevin_patr.. » Wed, 10 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I'm trying to set up an old AMD DX4/120 system as
a Linux box (RH6.0) and I'm having trouble with
the video card - #9FX Motion 531 VLB.  This card
has the S3 868 chipset and is specifically listed
as being Linux compatible in the hardware
compatibility list.  Also, XF86Config and
XF86Setup specifically list this card as a choice
in their card lists.  However, starting XFree86's
S3 X server always hangs the machine.  The card
will work with XFree86's VGA16 server, but
nothing else.  I've tried the nolinear and
nomemaccess options as suggested in XF86Setup,
but to no avail.  Does anyone have other
suggestions?  I'm afraid it's a problem with VLB.

Thanks for the help,
Kevin Patrick

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1. Question: #9FX Motion 531 VLB

I have Linux 1.2.13 and XFree86 3.1.2. I just got a #9FX Motion 531 VLB with
2mb DRAM. I am having trouble finding the correct dotclocks.

I will appreciate it if anyone who has used or is using this card can pass on  
the X configuration for it.

Thank You

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