USB Scanner (AGFA SnapScan 1212u) and SANE?

USB Scanner (AGFA SnapScan 1212u) and SANE?

Post by Christian Parpar » Sun, 09 Jun 2002 00:47:29

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Hi all,

I have an AGFA SnapScan 1212u USB Scanner and want to run it using SANE on
my Linux box. I unfortunately noticed that I just found a driver patch
against the version 1.0.1, the current version is 1.0.7; the patch isn't
included in the newer versions of SANE - *why* ?

Does anyone know how to get this small piece of hardware running on Linux?

Thanks in advance,
Christian Parpart.

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I've got the USB support build as module (I am using a RedHat v6.1 and the
kernel 2.2.14 with the backport of USB from kernel 2.3.39)
The driver correctly recognizes the Scanner but I can't use it with SANE.
How can I do ?

Thanks in advance for any help


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