Not sound with an Opti 924-Card

Not sound with an Opti 924-Card

Post by Claus M lle » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I'm a new Linux user (SuSE 6.1, Kernel 2.2.5) and have big difficulties
to get sound with my Opti 924 card. I suppose that I tryed all advices I
could get in the howto's, documentation files and the handbook. All
failed. There was also no succes using the free version off OSS or the
ALSA 3.01- soundriver tools. I upgrade my isapnp- tools, no automatical
ISA-PNP configuration was possibel, so that I configured it with the
DOS- setting. While booting the ISA- card is recognised successfully.
Configuring my kernel to load modules for sound devices never showed me
any devices with cat /dev/sndstst. lsmod showes loaded modules. My
conf.modules I configured also. But never there was any sound to hear. I
tested volume settings ond so on ...I don't know, what I can do else to
get sound under Linux. My soundcard functions properly under DOS und
other platforms. Maybe I loaded the wrong modules (I used advices from
an Opti931 - card) maybe to much or to less modules. Does anyone know
what's wrong. Best would be If anyone has the same soundcard as I do,
and one can tell me how he could get sound under Linux with his card.

Please help me!




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Has anybody managed to get an OPTi 924 PnP sound card configured and
running under Linux (without using DOS/Windoze to initialise it) yet?

I got isapnptools 1.3 to experiment with, but I don't have enough info
about the internals of the card to make a sensible stab at producing a
suitable config file for isapnp...

If anybody's interested I could post the output from pnpdump...

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