Dolch Laptop Computer compatibility

Dolch Laptop Computer compatibility

Post by Greg Mayot » Thu, 16 Jul 1998 04:00:00

We are looking at a NotePak II system. I haven't yet been able to get
hardware specifics from tech support. Has any used any of these systems
with Linux?

 I appreciate any info on this.



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1. new computer compatibility ???

hello ,

I 'm going to buy a new computer in a few weeks and i would like to
install RedHat Linux 5.2 on it (Kernel 2.0...). The problem is I want to
be sure my hardware will work properly. Here's what i intend to buy:

Motherboard 440 Bx Intel
Processor Intel pentium III 450 Mhz 512 Ko
Graphic card: AGP 8MO 3D (probably a S3)
Sound card: 16 bits 3D compatible

Please tell me how it works and advise me about the exact model for my
sound and graphics cards. Mail soon !!!


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