TMC Motherboards w/ Linux

TMC Motherboards w/ Linux

Post by Adam JB » Mon, 10 Jan 2000 04:00:00


Has anyone had any problems using a TMC motherboard with Linux?
Specifically the AI5VG+ or TI5VG+.

AFAI can tell, they are the cheapest, so if there's no problems, I'll get




1. Installation problems with TMC PCI54PV motherboard

Thanks to the person who encouraged me to carry on
thinking about interrupts.  The trick is to make
sure that (i) the NCR adapter card is jumpered to INT_A,
(ii) it is in the correct PCI slot in the motherboard.

After I transferred the card up to the top PCI slot,
everything suddenly worked.  OS/2 works in
both slots, so presumably the other slot isn't broken.

I'd always assumed that the four PCI slots were
completely equivalent to one another.  I'm still
puzzled as to why Linux is fussy in this regard,
whereas OS/2 isn't.

Morwen Thistlethwaite

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