tyan 1662D Natoma 4.0e Dual CPU problems

tyan 1662D Natoma 4.0e Dual CPU problems

Post by Mark Hea » Sat, 06 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I've installed a New evaluation BIOS on my Tyan TITAN PRO 1662D motherboard
and even though the BIOS recognises 2 CPUs Linux no longer does.

I know that my kernel is SMP because the 3.03 bios worked fine,  
unfortunately the 3.03 bios does not allow me to boot from my SCSI harddisk.

It comes up with the error message:

Booting CPU 1 stack 00002000: Not responding
Error only 1 cpu detected.

and drops out of SMP mode.

I thought this would be a problem with the BIOS but have been informed
(in the Tyan NG) that other SMP os's do not have this problem.

Anyone had the experience?
Or any SMP kernel hackers want to do some debugging?

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