144 AMSP Modem Fax D/V/S Sound Card

144 AMSP Modem Fax D/V/S Sound Card

Post by Chri » Tue, 15 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Have just begun installing RH 6.0 Linux on my Packard Bell Pentium 75
(decided to learn Linux).  I can't get sound to work.  My sound card and
modem are one and the same, the 14.4 AMSP Voice Fax Modem with onboard
sound.  What do I need to do to implement sound?  Any help at all would be
great, evenif I have to fudge things around.



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1. Intel 144 fax modem on an HP9000/715 w/HPUX

: I am able to call out using 'cu'.  I can connect to another modem, log in to
: BBSs and everything.  However whenever I call in to the HP, the Intel will
: answer connect and then twiddle its thumbs.  One symptom is the SD and RD
: lights never flicker no matter how hard I hit the keyboard.

This is symptomatic of a race condition between the modem and the getty.
The modem presents the word "RING" as data to the system.  If the modem is
configured to force CD, or if the getty has been configured (or is poorly
written), so that it ignores CD, it will receive the RING, and echo it back
to the modem, which at this point has not detected carrier, and so is still
in command mode.  It rejects the echoed "RING" as an invalid command, but
echoes it back to the system...........
On most modems, this causes the SD and RD lights to blink furiously, but not
on the Intel.  Try a breakout box to examine the state of the SD/RD lines.

You could program the modem to not return result codes (ATQ1).
Or, you could program the modem not to echo (ATE0)
If you change modem echo/result codes, you need to adjust your Dialers entry.

From Unixware /etc/uucp/Dialers on my system:

# Clarence A Dold - Thu Nov 18 11:45:52 PST 1993
# Modified HayesSmartm1200B to work with Intel 144, with known programming.
# AT &F E0 L1 &D2 \G1 S0=1 S7=060 S11=50 &W
# AT&D3 does not work on the Intel 14.4 (bug)
# HayesSmartm1200B worked, except for "ATC1", which gives an error.
Intel144 =,-,   "" \M\dAT\r\c OK\r ATZ\r\c OK\r ATE1\r\c OK\r \EATDT\T\r\c CONNECT \r\m\c

B1 E0 L1 M1 Q0 T V1 X4 Y0 &C1 &D2 &G0 &P0 &S0 &Y0
\A3 %A013 \C0 %C1 %E1 \G1 \J0 \K5 \N3 \Q3 \T000 \V2 \X0 -J1 "H3
S00:001 S01:000 S02:043 S03:013 S04:010 S05:008 S06:002 S07:060
S08:002 S09:006 S10:014 S11:050 S12:050 S18:000 S23:15H S25:005 S26:001


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