STB Velocity 3D Video card

STB Velocity 3D Video card

Post by al-ma » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00


anyone using STB Systems, Inc Velocity 3D pci video card?

it sounds appealing:  Using S3 Virge chip, with 3d hardware
acceleration, mpeg-1 & mpeg-2 hardware acceleration, and comes
with 4meg of VRAM on board.  Besy buy has it on sale for $199

Is this a steal or a bad card?



1. STB Velocity 3D Video and OpenServer 5

        I've just gotten my hands on a 4Meg PCI Video card that kicks butt on
Win95 and I would like to try using it in Xwindows. The only display type
that I can get going is IBM VGA. Does anyone know about the card? I've
e-mailed the company and haven't gotten a response from them yet. At least
if they would give me a compatiblity list, anything!

Thanks for the time.--

Kirk Gardner
Richter Systems International

Snail Mail: 2 Place Alexis Nihon
                 Montreal, Quebec
                 H3Z 3C2

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