CD search when booting

CD search when booting

Post by Joshua Burl » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

 just finished installing Linux via CD, but when I boot the system, it
 searches for a CD, but does not find it. How can I force it to find it?
 It was able to use the CD for isntallation... The only thing I did while
 installing was type "mount hdd=cdrom" at the boot: prompt when initially
 doing the install.....

 Any responses to

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1. Locked on boot at 'Searching for CD-ROM'

I managed to install Slackware 1.2.3 on my system last night and get it
running.  But when it boots it lockes up when it says 'Searching for
CD-ROM'.  When I configured my machine, first I told it I have a CD-ROM
and then tried it without.  Either way, it didn't work.  The only other
oddity I've noticed about the CD-ROM (a 4x ATAPI Mitsumi) is that if I
tried to install from CD-ROM, it would get to bash on the a disk series
and lock up.

Let's see.   I have a P75, 8MB, Mitsumi 4x, CMD-640 controller (I passed
hda=serialize to the kernel like the docs sugggest).  I installed Linux
on my second hard drive on my first HD controller.  The CD-ROM is the
first device on the secondary controller.

Please help!  I've already giving up on installing OS/2 Warp and now I'd
like to get Linux going.  I've installed it many times before (typing
this from my Linux box here at work actually), but never had headaches
like this.

Mark Harrison

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