Panasonic KXL-783A

Panasonic KXL-783A

Post by J.S. Mamme » Mon, 15 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Any one has got the Panasonic KXL-783A working under Linux?
If no, I need help starting a project for that hardware.
Thank you
J.S. Mammen


1. SCSI Panasonic KXL-783A

I just bought an 8x KXL 783A CD Rom drive. It is a scsi unit.
I already have a similar, but 2x speed unit, that is nearly
identical. I use the 2x unit (KXL-D720) with a Bus Toaster
(New Media, SCSI II).

Here is the problem: The 2x unit works fine, but he new 8x unit
does not. I tried the 8x unit on a desktop Win95 system and it
worked. I failed to mention that I have an IBM 560, and the Bus
Toaster is a PCMCIA card. What can I do to diagnoise this problem?
When I plug in the 8x unit, it loads the aha152x_cs driver, and
then says that there is no scsi device. Here is the exact message
from card services:

 get dev info on socket 0 failed: No such device    

I plan to try to get some debug info from the kernel, but
I have never done this before. Fun! Any help would be very
much appreciated.
jont allen

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and thanks

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