OPTi 925

OPTi 925

Post by Alfredo E. Torrejo » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00

        What's the best way to configure an OPTi 82C925 based sound card
under Linux?  The Linux Hardware How-To says to use the Windows Sound
System driver and to initialize the card using isapnp.  I am doing this,
HOWEVER, I can only control the DSP level (not the master output level
nor the CD audio level), and playback is typically unreliable--When I am
putting a heavy load on the CPU, I get a few seconds of normal audio and
then suddenly, there is very heavy clipping.  Did I mis-configure
something, or is there a better solution (perhaps using the Sound
Blaster-compatible mode of my sound card)?


Alfredo Torrejon



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i'm using slackware 3.4 and just updated my kernel to 2.1.111. while i
was configureing it i tried ALL the possible solutions and for some
reason or another, i couldnt get it to work (the MAD16 driver). Is there
any solutions or other ideas anyone can help me with??
i tried it for 16 hours and it still isn't working......

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