No sound from AdLib under 1.2.8

No sound from AdLib under 1.2.8

Post by Brad Alexand » Thu, 01 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am running kernel 1.2.8 on my AMD 386DX40. I compiled it for sound
support, and the kernel compiled just fine. I tried to cat a sound to
/dev/audio and got

bash: /dev/audio: No such device or address

So I recompiled the kernel, insuring that I had sound support enabled.
And got the same results. The card works under OS/2 and DOS...

Has support for AdLib been dropped or am I missing something?

Any advice would be appreciated.


1. Sound/ADLIB/MS Sound SYSTEM and LINUX

I have the "MS Windows Sound System" with it's accompanying card.
I want to use the card with my SLS Linux.  I find picking the
correct options during kernel reconfiguration (make config)

My card is ablib compatible.  The configuration script askes for
several specific cards (that is, asks if you want to config kernel for
them).  It also asks if you want to configure for adlib support.
I answer "yes".  It then mentions two cards a "Gravis" and a "MPU"
(something or other) cards.  I don't know what a "MPU-401" card is
and I don't know if that option is for me.

That is
        Soundblaser support? ( I say no)
        Proaudio Spectrum?   ( I say no)
        Adlib                ( I say YES)

        (Here is says following cards will be compatible with adlib)
        Gravis . . .         (I say YES)
        MPU-401              (I say NO)

Is this what I should do for my card.  The card came already installed
and without hardly any documentation at all.

Could somebody who got this card working tell me what they did?

I did mknod /dev/mixer c 14 0, mknod /dev/sequencer c 14 1,
mknod /dev/dsp c 14 3.  I also downloaded and compiled the
vplay utility (among others).  I think the problem is how I'm
configuring the kernel - maybe the support just isn't there
for my card . . . I don't know.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


P.S. - Boy that new Slackware 1.1.1 is SLICK!!  I'm really glad I
ditched SLS for it.

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