laptop recommendation

laptop recommendation

Post by Ramin Sin » Mon, 12 Mar 2001 03:49:38

I am looking to buy cheap, 300 MHZ to 400 MHZ,  used laptop perhaps in
an online auction, and I am hoping to buy one on which I can install RH
6.2 or 7.0 quickly and with minimal effort or complications. Possible
choices I have are IBM Think Pad 600, 770 or 1420 and DELL inspiration

Any recommendation on these or any other laptops? I guess ideally I am
hoping I can get one that I can install RH cleanly right out of the box,
but I may be asking too much.

Thanks very much,
Ramin Sina


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i'm a recreational macuser,that is to say double-click, no command line type
of guy, who wants to grow up and learn linux
i would like to get an inexpensive/moderately priced laptop pc (i have not
been able to install linuxppc on my performa 6400, so it's time to buy new
computer, i guess) and run linux on it, perhaps dual linux/windows,
i read that certain components should be avoided because their manufacturers
keep their interface configuration proprietory(whatever that is),
also, that one should avoid a winmodem(which is what?)
please, advise me how to proceed

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