Compaq Presario install

Compaq Presario install

Post by Gil Couver » Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Need help trying to install Linux on my Compaq !
Here is the message that I beleive is relevant with the problem, this
message appears when booting any kernel from floppy.

init_pciBIOS32: service directory structure at 0x000fbfe0
init_pciBIOS32: entry in high memory, unable to access
no BIOS32 detected

Then the kernel continue to scan the hardware and actually finds the
IDE hard disk (windows95), the floppy, the CDROM, etc... except it
does not see the SCSI interface and the hard disk attached to it.
(message: scsi host adapter = found 0)

My purpose is to install Linux on a dedicated SCSI hard disk, leaving
alone the IDE hard disk with Windows.

Hardware config:
Pentium 120MHz
RAM 8+32MB
DISK 1.1GB IDE Quantum Fireball 1080A type 65 (windows95)
Floppy 1.44 IDE
VGA Trio64V+PCI (S3 Inc) (embeded)
Adaptec AHA1522B IDE-SCSI host adapter (driver Windows 4.01 Rev A)
DISK 2.0GB Seagate ST52160N

Tryting to install LINUX KERNEL 2.0.27 (aha152x.s)

(By the way the AHA1522+SEAGATE actually works fine with windows95)

Thanks for any help !
Please answer at the address below.
Gil Couvert


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