Registers on FORE PCA-200 ATM?

Registers on FORE PCA-200 ATM?

Post by Matt Wel » Fri, 26 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm writing a kernel-level driver for a FORE Systems PCA-200PC ATM
network interface. This is a PCI-bus board which presents a single
memory-mapped address space to the host; I believe that the address
space is 2 MB in size.

I have complete programming information for the board but don't have
a 'register map' which describes the layout of this address space. As
this board design is similar to FORE's other boards, I know that it
should have an 'I/O address space' and a 'memory address space'.
The I/O space should contain the BCR, MAC address PROM, and so forth.
These address spaces should be contained within the single memory-mapped
region presented by the board.

I'm wondering if anyone has the appropriate FORE header files or
a programming manual describing the address-space layout for their
PCI board. What I really need to know is the 'RAM_OFFSET' (offset
into the board address space to access the i960 RAM) and 'CTRL_OFFSET'
(offset to talk to the control registers).

Thanks much,

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Registers on FORE PCA-200 ATM?

Post by Andrew Bo » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>I'm writing a kernel-level driver for a FORE Systems PCA-200PC ATM

I've written a driver from scratch that works with the old and the
new [e] pci fore atm pci card.  I'd give you the header files, but
I'm sure we're under nda.

pci-specific files ... they're very helpful folks.

Also, ask them about the simple way of downloading the 960 firmware.



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