"unable to handle kernel paging request"

"unable to handle kernel paging request"

Post by Kevin at Parano » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I sent this message to the NCR53C810 mailing list.  I'm using a card with
the NCR53C825 chip under linux 2.0.6 and 2.0.8.  Has anyone here ever seen
this problem or could you offer any suggestions?  Please copy any replies
to me in email.

Well, as some of you may remember from last week, I replaced my S1365 card
due to SCSI aborts that I got when putting very much usage on the SCSI bus.
I installed a replacement card and I've gotten somewhat better results when
it comes to using SCSI.. it detects drives and runs longer.  Unfortunately,
I now suffer from a much nastier crash!  When there's heavy drive activity,
after several minutes, the process causing the activity (find being what I
have used the most) gets identified with a:

unable to handle kernel paging request ....

This brings the machine down right away and has even initiated a hard reset
if it sits spewing those errors long enough.  I've tried setting every CMOS
option without any luck.. it crashes every time if I put enough stress on
the SCSI bus (even just activity on one drive will do it).

Any comments appreciated.


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