Matrox MGA Ultima Plus 200 - Manual?

Matrox MGA Ultima Plus 200 - Manual?

Post by James Canno » Mon, 30 Apr 2001 06:09:22

Hi ... I tried the Matrox Forum. My VLB is not supported. I've been
using a 2MB ATI Mach32, and have replaced it with a 1MB Matrox MGA
Ultima Plus 200. This card has 8 empty sockets for adding video memory.
I've filled half (4 out of 8), but see no improvement. I'm still showing
256 colors (or less) at all resolutions.

So, I'm looking for a manual, or someone who has a manual. I'm thinking
I have to set some DIP switches at the rear of the card. Any help
welcome. Email replies welcome too!

James Cannon

SuSE Linux ... need I say more?