Smartcat Glidepoint in linux

Smartcat Glidepoint in linux

Post by Erik Coutur » Fri, 27 Aug 1999 04:00:00

has anyone any experience using a Smartcat Glidepoint in linux?
are there drivers available?

1. help with Alps glidepoint and/or Alps glidepoint+keyboard?

I finally got sick enough of my cheesy $8.00 keyboard and $9.00 mouse
that I picked up an Alps glidepoint keyboard.  It's fairly nice, but a
number of the features don't seem to work with Linux out of the box.
(The manual says they're controlled by running configuration software
under MS-DOS or MS Windows.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?  (Other than "don't support closed-minded,
incompatible vendors, return the thing for a refund!" -- I've thought of
that already. :-)

Also, I have a bus mouse port on my ATI graphics card.  (Ultra Plus?
I forget, and the manual is packed away.)  Is there any way to connect
a PS2 compatible mouse (e.g. the glidepoint mouse before I stick
their adapter on the end of the cable) to that port and have it
work?  (Or am I just confused in my vague recollection that PS/2 mice
are bus mice?)

In case you're thinking of getting an Alps keyboard or glidepoint for
Linux, it is nice for pointing.  It would be nice for clicking if I
could get the tapping feature to work with Linux; without it it's
probably OK, but will take some getting used to.  (It feels awkward to
point by motions involving no pressure at all -- just electrostatic
effects? -- and then have to click hard on the rather stiff mechanical
buttons.  It might also be nice for dragging and selecting if I could
get the tapping feature to work, but without it it's kinda clunky for

This stuff works works with Linux:

  -- all three `mouse' buttons, hurrah!

This stuff doesn't work with Linux, as far as I can tell:

  -- tapping the glide pad to emulate a button press;
  -- sending useful keyboard events when the new Windows 95 keys are pressed;
  -- remapping the big wide delete key back to send space characters.

Any help would be appreciated.  Please send replies or copies of
replies by e-mail, and I will post a summary if there's any interest.

  Bill Newman

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