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1. Apache && CGI && uid || back to cern?


I just migrated my host's web server from cern httpd to apache 1.1.1
(host os linux) and got it up and running quite fast and quite fine.

BUT there is one job that seems to make problems to get done with apache:

I want to allow some of the users (not all, not generally) to write
CGI scripts that get executed under their own user-id. Example:

http://atpforest/cgi-bin/     is being executed with uid www:users
http://atpforest/~ac/cgi/     is being executed with uid ac:users

( being a simple shell script giving you the host's date and time)
With CERN, I could do this with a Protection/Protect/Exec statement and
.www_acl in the user's cgi dir. With Apache, this seems to be possible
only by writing a script running as root doing the job, or is there
another way (the docs don't tell...) ?

greets, ac.-

ps. what does the line

  try to tell me (happens when I try to post an article from the atpforest
  host instead of this one)? Which file has to be set to make tin work
  again? (/etc/NNTPSERVER is set correctly)

andres cvitkovich - vienna university of technology, austria


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