character device, block device , raw device?

character device, block device , raw device?

Post by somez7 » Thu, 13 Dec 2001 08:26:04

HI, all.
    could someone explain me.

        character device
        block device
        raw device

    I'm very confusing these concepts. could someone explain me clearly.

    when can I use those?

thank you for your time.


character device, block device , raw device?

Post by Lew Pitch » Wed, 12 Dec 2001 22:00:28

Quote:>HI, all.
>    could someone explain me.

The usual definitions are something like...

Quote:>        character device

 - accepts single characters, one at a time.
 - data cannot be random accessed
 - Examples: video terminal,

Quote:>        block device

 - accepts blocks of data,
 - usually, cannot accept data smaller than a block
 - data usually can be random accessed
 - Examples: hard disk

Quote:>        raw device

 - accepts data without editing or caching
 - bypasses kernel buffering
 - can be either a character or block device


>    I'm very confusing these concepts. could someone explain me clearly.

>    when can I use those?

Raw is good for hardware throughput, but not for process throughput
(the process has to perform whatever buffering and/or editing is
necessary on the data, rather than leaving that up to the kernel).
You would likely implement user-defined filesystems (such as
databases) with a raw device

Block is good for hardware that works in blocks (primarily disk

Character is for most everything else.

Quote:>thank you for your time.

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I tested  block i/o speed. when i tested file i/o speed,
i/o speed was 17mb/sec.
At this point file size was 3.1Gb, and command was "time dd
if=/linux_tag/linux.dd of=/linux_tag/linux_file.dd bs=8192k".
but when i tested block i/o speed, i/o speed was about 3mb/sec.
command was "time dd if=/dev/sdd1 of=/linux_tag/linux1.dd bs=8192k"

last i binded block device to raw device. and i test raw device i/o
command was "time dd if=/dev/raw/raw1 of=/linux_tag/linux_raw.dd
i/o speed was about 10Mb/sec.

why i/o speed was different between block device and raw device?

Please anyone explain to me!!!!!

Thank U.

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