Linux power saving features? (VESA-DPMS)

Linux power saving features? (VESA-DPMS)

Post by Michael R. Semp » Thu, 18 May 1995 04:00:00


Excuse my ignorance, but I'd like to ask whether it is possible to use the
power saving features of my monitor/PC/graphics card with Linux?  I have not
seen reference to it anywhere.  That it is capable of it I know, since I use
it fine under Windows, but is there anything for Linux?  I use linux-1.2.8 on
a 486DX2... with Philips Brilliance 15A monitor and Tseng Labs ET4000/W32P
card.  I also use XFree-3.11 with fvwm.

I might just say, that with the BIOS settings I can get the monitor to
black-out after a period, but not go into the deep-sleep that it does under

Please answer to my email address below, as I seldom have the chance to
examine the Usenet News.



1. VESA DPMS power-saving utility, does it exist?

I just upgraded to new kernel 1.1.75 and found out that VESA DPMS-
compliant power saving is now possible when virtual consoles are used.
(make config: VESA Power Saving Protocol Support (CONFIG_VESA_PSPM)).

But that doesn't work under X, XFrees uses different screen saver? I
currently have XFree 2.1. Does version 3 include that power saving
feature? That piece of code looks short, shouldn't be too difficult
to make that available, eh? Or is it somewhere already? Even better would
be that if screen blanking and power saving times could be set separately.
Let's say screen blanking after 10 mins inactivity and power saving
after 30 mins...

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