Weird Modem problems/modem related Hangs

Weird Modem problems/modem related Hangs

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    I have a ibm 300 desktop that I'm trying to setup as a dial-up
server.  I'm using RH6.0 with a P90 32MB ram. I've tried a 3com internal
ISA 56K modem and a Viking  56K external. The 3com worked in a similar
config of a different machine. When attempting to logon with mincom
using either modem the standard modem initialization fails.

    Also I've experienced weird lockups with either modem installed.
The machine locks up completely, no kernel panics etc. This has happened
in RL 3 and 5.


1. Modem setup help, modem makes weird noise, will not dial.

I am using RedHat under a Gateway 2000 Pent Pro with a Telepath modem. I
isapnp, and then setserial. As soon as I hit the enter key on the set
serial command,
my modem seems to 'pick up' and make an odd grinding noise. If I run any
comm program,
like minicom or ezppp, the noise ends, but I cannot get a dial tone or dial

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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