Help! Can't get ISA PNP modem to work

Help! Can't get ISA PNP modem to work

Post by Markus Wand » Tue, 18 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Here is an abbreviated version of the isapnp input file:

(READPORT 0x0273)
(CONFIGURE USR1001/1687176018 (LD 0
 (INT 0 (IRQ 9 (MODE +E)))
 (IO 0 (SIZE 8) (BASE 0x0110))
 (NAME "USR1001/1687176018[0]{TelePath 28.8 fax modem}")
 (ACT Y)

This is accepted without error.  I then do

setserial /dev/ttyS2 port 0x110 irq 9

but I cannot get the serial port recognized.  "autoconfig" doesn't do anything,
manually setting UART types 8250, 16450, 16550, 16550A does not do anything.
Opening /dev/ttyS2 and writing to it invariably produces a write error.

I've also tried IRQ 5 and I/O port 0x210.

The machine has regular serial ports ttyS0 and ttyS1.

What else could be wrong?



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OK I have found an isa pnp internal 56k modems.  They are made my auslinx
in australia, and the modem is called a tasmanian devel and sells for 124
australian dollars.  On the back of the box it says supported in linux.
They also have another version which works in linux it's called an abc
modem but I do not think they make them any more, only the tasmanian


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