Old lightspeed PCI (ET4000/w32p) 1mb

Old lightspeed PCI (ET4000/w32p) 1mb

Post by Jason » Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I prefer to hack hardware and save trouble of getting new hardware,
little cash on hand for a top end proper card.

STB Lightspeed PCI based on ET4000/w32p, 1mb.  Right now using it with
tnesg driver successfully on *gasp* win95.  In future, putting 2mb
requires soldering drams on but there gotcha there.  Is there a
successful hack to get it properly done?  Reason: I already tried with
proper 256k x 8 SOJ chips from a new cheap card and added proper
resistors in missing pads, running this does saw 2mb at startup but on
win95 results in grabled screen, removed the 4 ic's I added returned
the card to proper functioning.  Thinking of removing all the DRAM's
and put in all 4 256k x 16 bit at 60ns instead?  Thanks!

The original speed on those drams was 45ns and the other 4 was same
speed but different brand.  Suppose, using256k x 16 at 60ns makes no
difference on upper limit bandwith compared to 45ns?

Problems using this card with Xfree86 from slackware 3.0, tried many
ways, used recommanded settings and read all the specs/faq's.  The
xprobe crashes with blank screen when I use tnesg server driver for X
windows.  Works well with SVGA server driver but lose speed. :)
The motherboard is Asus P/I-P55TP4XEG and PCI support is working.

Later, I will plan to upgrade all the linux stuff after I insure that
I could get this wonderful card to be compatible with XFree86 of any

Jason D.   Reply Here, email or both are ok.


1. Need config files for Tseng ET4000/W32p (rev d) 1MB PCI

Recently I changed my screen card and I can't seem to config the X
anymore. The new card specifications are:  Tseng ET4000/W32p (rev d)
PCI with 16bit bus RAMDAC and 1MB memory on board.
If you have any information on how to install the X properly or better
an XF86Config file then please send me a copy of the file, or
information on how to create on myself.
I'm using Xfree86 version 3.1.2 .
Thanks in advance for the info,
Tal Kerret, Tel-Aviv University.

Snailmail:24255 Tel-Aviv zip 69400
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