lightning detection

lightning detection

Post by Hact » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:26:49

I'm interested in getting a lightning detector.  It must display strikes
in X-Y form (e.g., on a map, though an unmarked screen is probably OK),
and it'd be really nice if I could record the data stream and play it
back fast on demand.

It looks like I'm talking several hundred bucks here.  So far, those
with Linux software I've found are the Boltek LD-250 (list $800, eBay
$375), and the Hobby Boards Lightning Detector ($32.50).

The Boltek one seems rather steep, especially just for a "****s and grins"
thing.  What's the Linux software like on that, anyhow?  The software that
comes with it only runs in Windows, of course.

The Hobby Boards one is a great price, but it only detects lightning's
presence, not even its range.  Not at all what I want.

So, are there others I haven't found?


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1. Quantum Lightning 730A Hard Drive, anyone got one working?

I've just acquired a Quantum Lightning 730A hard disk. However it is
just not working well.

Basically I can boot from it, and have my root partition on it, but if
LILO is messed up in any way suddenly not only does the drive become not
bootable, but also I cannot mount it as root, unless I reformat it and
start again.

Since I recompile kernels now and again being able to recover from
fouling up lilo without reformatting my HDD would be a good idea.

I've tried telling my BIOs to use normal (ie CHS) and LBA for this HDD,
and given these parameters in lilo.conf, but the disk is still shaky. In
fact it took me quite a bit of fiddling to format it.

This all look like a duff HDD, except:

1. I low level formatted it via the CMOS setup program on the PC and it
didn't complain, even when I scanned for bad blocks.
2. 'badblocks' did not return any badblocks.
3. When I used it as root (hdc) when booting from hda it worked for
about a fortnight solid with no problems.

This seems to make me think it is basically OK.

When it is misbehaving the kernel keeps giving out error messages.

Very stangely I have my IBM 360 (ish) disk on hda and this one on hdc.
When I mount the Quantum on /mnt df (or du, I get them mixed up) this
lists both drives as hda? Very strange.

Any ideas?

Peter Chant

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