Thinkpad 600/770 + Linux (anyone do it yet)?

Thinkpad 600/770 + Linux (anyone do it yet)?

Post by Albert C. L » Fri, 08 May 1998 04:00:00

Anyone do a Linux installation on a Thinkpad 600 yet?  If so, please
contact me (or post to this NG).  I included Thinkpad 770 in the
subject because some of these features exist on the 770.

I need to know:
a) APM support... are suspend, standby and hibernate fully supported?
b) Sound/Modem... the 600 uses IBM's Mwave device.  Do you get a full
   support for these devices?
c) Press-to-select + button 3... Is press-to-select enabled in bios?
   how about button 3?  Can Linux support this as the 3rd button?
d) CD/Floppy swapping... how is this done safely in linux?

I already know about the $250 XiG server I'll need to buy to get it
to run Neomagic in accelerated mode.

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1. Anyone got FreeBSD on a Thinkpad 600?

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If you do can you send me a copy of your XFree86 Config file...

I just can't get it right no matter what I try.


- Jake

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