Looking to buy a cdrom - any suggestions or warnings?

Looking to buy a cdrom - any suggestions or warnings?

Post by Michael Wel » Fri, 30 Dec 1994 04:53:37

I'll be buying a 2x cdrom in the next few weeks... any good or bad
experiences?  I've been looking at a Mitsumi IDE internal... or a Sony...

1. Suggestion: Buying for buying hardware !

The Problem:            Getting hardware supported by linux.
Today's solution:       Anybody of the Linux comunity
                        writes kernel support, modules

My practical suggestion:
                Everytime anyone buys a piece of hardware,
                we request the propper linux support:
                "Ok, win drivers are there. Where's the driver
                for linux? - that's essential for buying it.
                When do you will deliver the linux user/kernel
                modules? within 30 days please or or treaty of
                buying will be void."



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