Fedora Core 1 Backups

Fedora Core 1 Backups

Post by slim » Thu, 05 Aug 2004 22:43:24

I am attempting to create backup of my web server and test web server using
the following tar command:

tar -cvWf /dev/st0 -T files.t > backup.log

However, the backup never completes and get the following error message:

WARNING: Kernel Errors Present
   st0: Error with sense data:...:  43Time(s)

I am using a Travan 10/20 Gb IDE tape drive with "ide-scsi=hdb" command. Is
there a problem with my command?  Please advise.  




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Hi Jon:

Something I noticed today while ssh'ing via another ssh'ed account is that
it doesn't really like multiple-forwarded X connections.

I'll elaborate:

I ssh into my home workstation from work. This connection has been setup to
forward X connections. But then when I try to ssh from the home workstation
to another machine on my home network, I get a timeout similar to what you
describe. The solution is to do the second ssh without forwarding X, ie, by
invoking "ssh -x <server>". I don't know whether this is your problem, but
might be something to look into.

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