Voyetra/Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

Voyetra/Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

Post by Gerard Dauba » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 10:15:18

I saw some mention about the card a month ago. Has the support progressed
any in the latest kernel? I'm thinking of switching to one from a SB
Live! to rid myself of the VIA problem for now but I'm finding mixed

I need to use the digital out for my cambridge surround sound speakers (4
speakers, 1 subwoofer). Is this supported? (I see SPDIF isn't.. is this
what SPDIF is or the connection inside the machine from sound card to
CD/DVD drive?)

Thanks in advance - Gerard


1. Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz driver


a friend of mine loved linux, but he complains about how his Santa Cruz
soundcard doesn't work. Does anybody have a driver for this that he could
use? Please save him, he's digressed to the dark side (windows 2000) and
won't come back until his sound card works.

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