overclocking vs bus speed

overclocking vs bus speed

Post by Jason Ba » Tue, 25 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have to jump in here.  The original article was questioning the feasability
of increasing the bus speed - not necessarily overclocking the CPU.  By
by increasing the bus speed you can effectively increase the throughput of
data between various system components.

If you want to know more a good site is "Tom's Hardware Performance Guide" at
http://sysdoc.pair.com/index.html.  Look at the stats for the ASUS P55T2P4
rev 3 Motherboard - which can support bus speeds up to 83Mhz.

Overclocking the CPU is an option best left to those who want to push thier
systems to the limit.  If your not willing to risk the CPU then don't do it.