Turbo Mouse configuration

Turbo Mouse configuration

Post by James Hu » Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,
Has anyone successfully configured the Kensingtion Turbo Mouse to use all
__4__ buttons? I really miss this functionality from Mac/Win world. I can
only get it to reconize 3 events - Left, right, and cord click. I would be
extremely interested and grateful for anyone that may have some knowledge
on where to go for info. I checked all the mini howtos and such but they
only cover 3-button mice. I left an email at Kensington site about a
possible driver for Linux. Any news would be better than no news. Thanks.



1. Turbo isn't really "turbo"

I've installed Turbo Linux 1.0, and I've noticed that emacs loads extremely
slow (as well as other apps) - under X or in the command prompt mode.  I'm
rather new to Linux, but Slackware seemed much faster in some aspects.  I
do, however, like the X interface which Turbo Linux has.  Any ideas as to
what may be slowing me down?

Also, what file is responsible for loading gpm at start up so I can not have
it load?  I really don't find it beneficial, and at times (if I'm switching
between users) it causes X to shut down.


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