hp surestore dlt818 (dlt8000)

hp surestore dlt818 (dlt8000)

Post by Marius » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 20:19:28


Czy ktos z szanownych grupowiczow zmusil do dzialania w/w urzadzenie bez
pomocy soft-u w stylu Arkeia lub ArcServ?
Czy istnieja dostepne drivery, ktore pozwalaja dostep do tego urzadzania
inny niz przez sgx?
Jesli tak to bede wdzieczny za porade.



hp surestore dlt818 (dlt8000)

Post by Marius » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 20:30:44

Sorry for language mistake in previous message :)

Did anyone of you ever force mentioned above device to work under linux
without help from software like Arkeia or resemble?
Are there any existing drivers that enable access to that device other than
through /dev/sgx?
I'd be thankful for an advice.



1. Advisory on HP Surestore external DAT tape on HP Netserve

I ran into a problem when installing a Surestore 2000 HP DAT tape
external drive on an HP Netserver. When booting the system recognizes
the tape at SCSI 2 as secondary. ( the internal HD and CDROM are rec-
ognized as primary). After boot and using mkdev tape and installing
at 1,2,0 you can write to the tape using /dev/rStp1 okay. If you
mistakenly use /dev/rStp0 the system returns with an error message.

What happens next is weird. After the error message, if you try to use
shell commands, the shell continually cant find the commands and returns
strange messages. You cant even use /etc/reboot. Turning off the
machine and turning it on causes fsck to continually retun fixup
messages. After answering yes for what seems a million questions, the
machine is useless. It panics and tries to dump. There is no way to

I re-installed SCO UNIX v4.2, did mkdev tape and installed tape
at 1,2,0. OK. Then ran mkdev tape and removed tape at 0,2,0 ( I never
installed this tape but the machine removed it ok ). THEN wrote to
/dev/rStp0 !!!!!! and the tape works fine and the OS doesnt corrupt.

I know this is Twilight Zone stuff but it does happen. It seems the
OS installs a 0,2,0 tape and creates /dev/rStp0. The 1,2,0 tape
and the files /dev/rStp0 et al. are created when I install the tape.
There is some conflict here. Does anyone have any insight?

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