Printing Postscript

Printing Postscript

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> Good day, all,
>         This seems to be the most logical place to post this question; however,
>         Is anyone out there able to print postscript files on an IBM Proprinter
>         What I have thusfar tried has been a couple of magic filters, both in
> the HOW-TO, and off the net. They all look about like this:

> gs -q -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=ibmpro -sOutputFile=- -

> with minor variations on a theme. I do not think that gs is
> malfunctoning, as it displays the files in an appropriate manner when
> directed to stdout. She's just no print. I even tried running the file
> through gs and directing the output to the printer, which, BTW, prints
> text files just fine.

What model of Proprinter are you trying?  I haven't been able to get
Ghostscript to work with my original model Proprinter although the same
driver works fine with other printers in Proprint compatibility.
However, my symtom is printing garbage on the Proprinter.  As you tried,
I started by printing directly to the printer instead of using a filter.

I suspect that Ghostscript wasn't tested with the earliest models.  I
finally found a book describing differences in the models, but in the
mean time, I started using a second printer for Postscript - loosing
incentive to play with drivers.




hi everyone

i've been trying to get my printer(s) set up on my system and i am able
to print plain ascii onto both my epson (really old nasty thing that it
is) and my deskjet.. now, it would be much nicer (and less costly) if i
could print postscript to these non-postscipt printers so i found out
about ghostscript.  (i have actually got ghoscript 2.6.2 on my system
and read up on it.)

i found a very 'simple' (nothing is simply really is it? :-) ) pipeline
that was to print ps on a non-ps printer - ok me thinks so i try it out
using a ps doucment i found, and executed:
 gs -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=epson -sOutputFile= | lpr

i removed the 'filter' (the 'if') entry from /etc/printcap just to be
sure that what was going to be printed was the output of this file

however the printer output the 'lovely' ps as the ascii-ps code; ie
beginning the file with

(i actually viewed the ps file using ghostview and it is valid

i also tried out a ps-printcap i found tat did the 'print ps on non-ps
printer' trick - here is the lsm entry
 Title:  ps-printcap
 Version: 1
 Entered-date: 22NOV95
 Description: printcap and filter: printing postscript on non-postscript
 printer + text as postscript Keywords: Postscript Printing text


and the files in the tgz were:
  lp: \
  :lp:lp=/dev/lp1: \
  :sd=/var/spool/lpd/lp: \
  :mx%0: \
  :if=/etc/filter: \

  # Set the PRINTER var to a "gs" device.
  # Try gs -h for a list of drivers

  #PRINTER=djet500 # original - changed to try out my epson
  nenscript -ZB -p- | gs -q -sDEVICE=$PRINTER \
          -dA4 -dNOPAUSE \
   -dSAFER -sOutputFile=- -

i installed these and tried to print ascii text files but these were
unsuccessful.  (i have nenscript 1.13++ installed).  i even tried
  nenscript -ZB -p- | gs -q -sDEVICE=$PRINTER -dA4 -dNOPAUSE -dSAFER
-sOutputFile=- - | lpr

from the command line

can someone *please* tell me where i'm going wrong on this but even
better, can someone please give me information (or preferably send me)
for setting up their /etc/termcap and /etc/filter files for PRINTING
POSTSCIPT onto my NON-POSTSCRIPT printers which are:
 epson lq100 (told you it was really old and nasty!!!)
 hp 600

this would be a greate help for my work.  any help and advice will be
greatly appreciated and i'll definitely give you acknowledgement in my
work !!! (no hard cash i'm affraid - i'm still studying :-) )



ps - can people cc their replies to me - thanks again

anyone who has viewed src code in 1up will know what a help it is to
have something that'll dump 2 or 4 (or even 6) pages of src code onto
one a4 page!!!

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