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have recently bought a new 13GB Fujitsu hd. my bios dont suport disks
over 8.5GB? (theres no update for the bios available) but i can
partition the whole disk with linux fdisk.
the partition table looks like this:

~20  MB /dev/hda1 /boot (ext2)
1000 MB /dev/hda2 /dosC  (fat 32)
3000 MB /dev/hda3 /     (ext2)
<extended (hda4)>
5000 MB /dev/hda5 /dosD  (fat 32)
~4000 MB /dev/hda6 /dosE (fat 32)

the problem is that if i make hda6 as fat32 and formats it in win, the
partition gets 4GB and i can read it in win. but i cant mount it in
linux. So if i make the partition in linux and runs mkdosfs on it, it
only gets 2GB and i can mount it in both win and linux but only as 2GB.
so if i create it as ext2 in linux i can use the whole 4GB in linux.
but i cant use it in win as of the restrictions to fat in win.
so after alot of fiddleing i decided to make two 2GB partitions
instead. but then i couldnt format or mkdosfs on any of them?!
i get alitle anoyed since i can mount the 5GB partition. and i can use
the whole disk in win. and in linux if i use ext2.

any one knows if theres some hack or something for this? or any ideas
at all?

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